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Download the IPO2U Internet Phone Operator 

IPO2U Phone Software (CodecPhone)
The IPO2U Phone software is available for download or by email installation after registering as a customer. This client software allows you to make calls via any server enabled with the IPO2U Operator software or H.323 compliant gateway. Once you have downloaded and installed IPO2U Phone, you will be ready to make free phone calls over your Internet connection. Different versions have different functional capabilities. Customers including MWSearch members should download CodecPhone unless otherwise instructed. Calling interface can be custom designed for business customers for promoting their brand names. 

IPO2U Operator Software
The Server software is for businesses, ISP's or individuals who want to enable people to be able to call them free via the Internet. Once you have set up the server, end users with the client software will be able to call you by clicking on a link on your Website or Email solicitations, or by dialing your phone number into the software's easy to use interface. This is a good solution for providing personal attention to your customers.

For more detailed instructions to help you set up the software, you may go to the link below:

Click Setup Manual on  IPO2U Phone CodecPhone IPO2U Operator  If you registered and received userid and password proceed to Instant Download