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IPO2U.COM, A Solution Provider for Businesses and Individuals

  • IPO2U.COM offers an E-Commerce Voice Solution to merchants, companies and individuals to broaden their customer reach and improve their cost effectiveness in communication.

  • As shown in the diagram, any customer or individual cam make a call to an ordinary phone from the Internet or a web page to reach a sales person or another individual from anywhere using the IPO2U products and services. 

  • Four Products and services are described and offered on-line to
    businesses and individuals. Click the corresponding headings to proceed.

E-Commerce Voice Communication Solution and Internet Phone Operator

IPO2U Interface

  • The IPO2U Interface product is a software interface for initiating
    an Internet or web call to an ordinary phone through our software gateway (see gateway description).

  • The IPO2U Interface Product is offered as a free client software to the public; anyone can register as a user and download the client software from this web site.

  • A technical support service is available for helping the user to
    install the client software with various PC operating system platform. 

  • Click Order Form to register as a user and to request technical support service if needed.


IPO2U Software Gateway Server

  • The Gateway is a software for receiving the Internet or web call initiated by the IPO2U Interface client and for connecting to a PSTN phone through a voice modem. 

  • The IPO2U Gateway software is an extremely low cost solution for
    Internet telephony and e-commerce communication between customers and merchants. 

  • One must have a server machine with a valid IP address for installing the IPO2U Gateway Software; the product can be purchased on-line by downloading.

  • Click Order Form to register to be a gateway owner and to place order for the product.

    Gateway Server System

  • IPO2U.COM is an authorized Agent for HP computers and other vendor servers.

  • HP and other reputable brand computers and servers can be preloaded with IPO2U client and IPO2U gateway software to serve as a Gateway Server System.

  • IPO2U.COM also provides high capacity hardware gateway systems.

  • Click Order Form to register and to place an order for the Gateway Server System.

  • E800 Directory Listing

  • e800 Directory is a powerful commerce tool for reaching customers and having customers to communicate with product and service provider directly for business transactions.
  • Listed in the e800 Directory not only has all the benefits of a yellow page listing but also has the benefits of the "effective 800" numbers plus the advantage of not paying for any toll charges.
  • One simply submit a local phone number and a corresponding server IP address to be listed as an e800 number. This number can be called from anywhere in the world via the e800 Directory web site and the Directory's Gateways or the merchant's own private gateways free of charges to the caller or the receiver .
  • List your 800 number free of charge in IPO2U's i800 directory. I800 directory has tens of thousands of 800 numbers in difference business categories accessible by people from anywhere on the Internet. 
  • Click Form to register and to place an order for listing your phone number. 

E800 Icon and Web Call Icon
  • The e800 Icon product and service is to let merchants place their e800 numbers on any web page they desire so that customers will have the convenience to click and call the right party while is hot on a potential transaction.
  • The merchants only need to register their e800 numbers with any e800 Directory they select and place the corresponding e800 Icon on the directory. 
  • The e800 Icon has the function to launch an IPO2U client interface and connect to a merchant designated gateway and local phone number when clicked.
  • The merchants can also place the web call icon on their own web pages which will have the same function as e800 Icon.
  • Click Form to register and to place an order for the e800 Icon


  • Mi-Card is an innovative concept creating an extremely effective medium for marketing and sales, taking advantage of computer and the Internet technologies. The Mi-Card is especially useful for promoting e-commerce. The Mi-Card solution system is a server hardware bundled with Mi-Card utility tools and  Mi-Card creation software for producing Mi-Card. The Mi-Card Service provides customers Mi-Card solution without requiring customers to invest in hardware system.

  • Customized CD-ROM card, with marketing and business information enhanced with click and call voice communication solution and other utility functions, offers a powerful medium for reaching customers and attracting business. This can replace expensive, heavy paper catalogs for trade shows and direct distribution purposes. Mi-Cards with links to the company website always present current and useful information.

  • The Mi-Card is a windows compatible CD-ROM. Along with the marketing information, this CD contains the IPO2U.com calling software, which is easy to install. This utility function will induce users to save the Mi-Card on their PC's, rendering them the most persistent marketing medium. To use the Click & Call feature, simply install CodecPhone from the 'CodecPhone' folder on the CD.

  • Mi-Card can contain the IPO2U's i800 directory and/or any e800 directory designed as a valuable utility tool for users.  Click i800 and e800 to see an example. These click and call business directories are powerful tools for generating e-commerce and e-business. 

  • The Mi-Card usually comes in the form factor pictured below, but you may specify other sizes and other types of media you like, depending on how much information you need to store, or simply by your preference, The different types of media include regular size CD's (650-700 Mb), miniature CD's (180 MB), Business card size CD (50 MB) and DVD's. Click below to contact us.

  • Click Form to register and to place an order for the Mi-Card
    product and persistent service. 

The Name Card size Mi-Card